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July 25, 2011, Because it was a too busy in the morning,
it wasn’t until I was getting on the bus that I realized that today was the day I leaving.
I overslept and was late for the train and the bus.

I was very apprehensive that there was a possibility of the bus leaving without me.
It was very embarrassing when I realized that it was only me who didn’t know what to do.
Anyway, I got on the bus. I calmed myself down. Everything seemed ok.


On the bus, I talked to many people with different personalities and purposes.
The guy sit next to me was university student whose major was mathematics.
He came from Kanagawa-ken.
His purpose was not so different from mine, but I am not sure if he was going to do the same thing as I was going to do.
There was also a man who was a teacher of alternative school and also an artist. According to his story, his life wasn’t conventionally successful however he was doing what he likes to do.
His advice was do what you love.
He seemed to be a very happy man.
I re-confirmed that doing something which I like and what I think is challenging is very important.


The bus started at 10AM and arrived at 4PM.
It was a very long and tiring trip.
We arrived at Tome city, in Miyagi-ken, where the main center has been established in an elementary school gym.
I felt the eagerness of each person as i stepped into the center.
The atmosphere in the center looked very serene and peaceful, but I could see everyone has a passionate willingness to help .
I had some free time until the dinner which took place at 6:30.
During the free time, I thought I should look around outside the center and learn where the toilet and other facilities were.
The bucolic setting shown impressed me a lot.
It has been a long time since I’ve been this deep in the countryside.
It made me more motivated to think that I will be working in this setting.


There was an meeting after the dinner. I had to decide what to do for tomorrow.
I wanted to see and talk to Dr. Harry Wright but I didn’t know where he was so I took too much time to decide.
In the end, I had no choice, I decided to go to Utatsu, Ishinomaki.
I will clean some photographs as a task tomorrow.

The task I was looking forward doing. Would it be as challenging as I expected?


(To be continued)
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◆◆ Profile : Don Han (Dean) Kim ◆◆


17 years old, came from Korea three years ago and lives in Fukuoka with his family. Impressed by the presentation of his teacher who had joined RQ activity in Tohoku, he came to Nishinippori by overnight bus that took him 15 hours, with a feeling that he, too, wish to do something for the disaster-struck people.
Presently, he studies at International Course of Fukuoka Daiichi High School. Fluent in Korean, Japanese and English, he plans to study in the U.S. after the graduation.
We asked him to write a journal on his 10 day experience as an RQ volunteer to share with us.

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