The principle for a volunteer activity is to work without any enforcement, of one’s free will, and under thorough self-responsibility.

However, in the volunteer activities for the emergency/disaster relief, our general knowledge or standard of behavior for those in ordinary civic life or welfare is not applicable; working with total cooperation is essential to take effective actions against devastating realities.


In that case, self-assertive action of each volunteer may be no more than a nuisance.
In the disaster area, if we are good team players keeping an eye on the overall activity trend and the demands/wishes of disaster victims, our activities can have an extraordinary effect that a single volunteer cannot achieve alone.


Currently RQ-CNJ is offering volunteers activity opportunities, simple meal and sleeping space. However, we have no responsibilities on your own food, clothing and housing. Basically you are responsible for all your goods during your volunteer activity.


Pay Your Respect to the Disaster Victims and Their Hometown

The disaster area is the place where the people had been spending their usual lives until the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami. Every simple item around you has its owner, who lived there and used those items habitually, even if they have been already collapsed or broken. Please note that you must handle them with much thoughtfulness.


Some people might smile on us and others might get angry at us. But all of them are victims of the disaster, who lost most of their assets. Even the small children swing between deep despair and small hope from day to day. If you find something or someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, please don’t take them at face value. Please be open-minded and generous enough to accept what they can give you at the moment.
We can make only humble contributions. Never take arrogant attitude as if you are in the center of the disaster relief activities.


Any volunteer from outside the disaster area do not know the area very well, which is also true for RQ volunteers. Residents in the disaster area may direct a doubtful look at us, the unexpected strangers. A single thoughtless word or action may divide the disaster victims and volunteers. Our effective volunteer activities stand on the confidential relationship. Always be thoughtful with sincerity.


Seven Important Points to Bear in Mind during Your Volunteer Activities

1◆Make sure to be in a group of two or more people at all times!
Don’t stray or work on your own!


2◆ Make it clear you are working with RQ!
Always wear your arm band and ID card.
Wear Vives (visibility vest) when required.


3◆Be Safe!
Refuse dangerous work even if politely requested to do so. (ex. work near a building with a collapsing roof. etc.)


4◆Make sure to be fully prepared before your activities!
Wear the appropriate safety gear and clothes for your work. Get into the right mindset.


5◆Drive carefully and follow the traffic regulations!
Please be punctilious and deliberate in your actions even more than the usual occasion. Please never forget that you are in the disaster area.


6◆Be Bright and Polite!
When you interact with people affected by the
disaster, always try to be bright and polite.


7◆Don’t forget the previous check and after-the fact report!
Smooth communication is always important. Please share the information for your/our harmonious activities.

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