Do you know that RQ is preparing multilanguage web pages?
A number of people have shared their experiences as RQ volunteer on our website. The diverse blogs they have posted give us the up-to-date information at the disaster-struck areas and make us think what we can do for the people there. They may even inspire some people to join in RQ activities.

Currently, the blogs are mostly written by Japanese volunteers, and we are looking to involve more non-Japanese volunteers in blog writing to reflect the diverse backgrounds and viewpoints of RQ volunteers. We believe that RQ activities will be more accomplished with the help of friends from around the world, like yourself and many other non-Japanese volunteers.


So, we’d like to ask for YOUR cooperation! Would you like to write about your RQ volunteering experience to be posted on our website? What you’ve seen, what you’ve felt, what you’ve done, what you’ve thought… feel free to write anything you as an RQ volunteer wish to share with us and the world!


When sending your text, please include the following details:
1.your name (or nick name)
2.period of your activity of your activity


The email address is below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us there.


Click the right button to get the email address in your SEND TO box.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

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Tokyo HQ Web Team

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