This is an archived copy of RQ volunteer activity report posted by: japanecolodge | May 20, 2011, reprinted through the courtesy of Japan Ecolodge Association (ECOLA). Current condition is quite different so please find the latest information in other articles.


From Tohoku RQ headquarter


Today we have guests from a cosmetic company to the next door evacuation center.


The staff were applying facial and hand massage as well as eye brow trimming to the local ladies.


From looking at a distance, we could see the ease on their faces with good complexion after the treatment which also made us happy.


The cosmetic company staff were a bit tense at first, however its feeling lessened as there were exchanges of warmth.


It is great to learn not only giving their products, but also their warmth.


We would love to see more of these exchanges that bring positive feelings.


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