Heat stroke occurs when the body temperature rises abnormally because of high temperatures and humidity.
It causes symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and dehydration. Severe heat stroke can also lead to death.
It is said that people who are overweight or short of sleep are susceptible to heat stroke.
People working in the scorching outdoor heat are especially vulnerable.
On hot days, it is important to drink water and take salt as they are lost in sweat.


◆Wear a hat, loose fitting clothes


Wear lightweight, loose-fitting long-sleeved clothing in light colors and put on a hat or a cap outdoors.

Sweat-absorbent, quick-drying fabric is recommended.
Cooling bands on your neck or head are also very effective to protect you from heat stress. You can get them in outdoor equipment stores.
Use a high sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreen.
Carry around not only drinking water but also first-aid water with you.


◆Drink plenty of fluids – even when you are not thirsty


At the beginning of dehydration symptoms, you may not feel thirst even though you are insidiously getting sick already.

Avoid alcohol and drinks containing caffeine such as tea, coffee and cola.
Drink plenty of fluids during outdoor activities, especially on hot days. Water and sports drinks are recommendable; avoid tea, coffee, soda and alcohol as these can lead to dehydration.


◆Take in Salt


To prevent heat stroke, it is important to drink water and take in salt, as they are lost in sweat.
Isotonic drinks are especially effective.


◆If you feel ill, please rest in a cool environment, and don’t try to work too hard


Sleep well and eat breakfast.


Even if you are an athletic type, or work in a short period, take a sufficient rest at your own pace and do not work too hard.
People suffering from heat stroke should rest in a cool, airy place to try to lower their body temperature.
1. Move to a cool area
2. Remove any excess clothing
3. Cool your skin down, shower or sponge yourself using lukewarm water.
4. Re-hydrate by drinking plenty of fluids.


Illustrated by Tomomi Suzuki. All rights reserved.

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